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Originally Posted by Bob KellyIII View Post
I like the idea of setting in the warm house and hopping up the bike alot more than out there tinkering on it in the cold that is for sure....LOL
i mean heck why not !!!!
but I've not seen any area where I might be able to change the idle mixture
from it's existing setting of say 52 to say 58 yet.... there must be a program that does that.... do they run on PC's ( lap tops) or Phones ? or does it take a dedicated unit that costs thousands of dollars ?
.... I am not opposed to getting a Laptop just for the Shop ! but modernizing this old man will be a steep learning curve ! LOL running the program is usually the hardest part of something like this, getting to know the intricacies of what you can change and how much is the hard part....
Problem is manufacturers don't make it easy for you to modify their programming. Part of complying with EPA/DOT regulations and partly to stay ahead of their competitors. Exact way to do it will depend on what ECU/CPU is used in that RX4. They may have cooked up their own system, which will make it more difficult to crack than Japanese stuff. All of which evolved from original '80s Hitachi ECUs with software licensed from Bosch (Jetronic/Motronic).

There's roughly 2 different pathways to re-program ECU maps.

1. fully OBD2-compliant ECUs can have their maps downloaded, edited with generic-mapping software like TunerPro. Then maps are uploaded/flashed back to ECU.

2. use software specific to that ECU/CPU combo. Such as VFtuner used for Toyota & Scion ECUs using Renasas CPUs. These softwares are typically reverse-engineered from reading CPU manual.

For more modern autos and bikes, there's Alientech KESSv2 which is combo hardware cable and tuning software.

Another good tuning package comes from Woolich. Each interface cable has embedded serial# that is registered with bike's ECU. It calls back to mothership to verify your registration each time you run it. To use on additional bikes, you have to cough up additional license fee.

Someone will have had to specifically look at RX4 ECU and figure out how its communications work and what features it implements. Then add ways to program those in their software.
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