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I ordered the RX4 !

I couldn't stand it.... CSC Motorcycles in southern cal. finally got the RX4's in
so I went ahead and ordered one AGAIN....
but this time I didn't order the Yum Yum Yellow one I ordered the saphire blue
one.... and No extra accessories which ran the bill up and delayed shipping on the TT250 ....
.... so that is the last bit of spending I will be doing except for handgards ....
and oil filters for that bike.
it will be interesting to see how long it takes them to get the bike to me
I expect a month !
it will be a great christmas present for me if I do say so myself ! LOL
... ($5400 out the door.... if your wondering )
....a NEW bike that I won't have to work on... if i want to work on a bike I can work on the Triumph ! or Ninja... they both need love ! should be just the ticket !
.... that's my inheritance ! a great toy ! LOL ,but that is what I want !
later all !
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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