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Ooh, that's isn't something I thought about. I would have to ask Progressive if another rider is covered.

i'm going to try and see if I get lucky enough to have some room on my street, that's my only hope right now it seems. I would not trust getting my baby into the neighbor's dodge ram safely or him driving with her in the back....nice enough guy but drinks alot and doesn't seem too responsible. the other truck might fall apart before it got to the parking lot

*just got off chat with Progressive....question still not answered. I've dealt with their customer service before and never had an issue. I think this girl was definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. first she thought I was asking about passengers, then she kept saying that if someone was going to be riding the bike regularly that they needed to be on the policy....didn't even bother asking about track day instruction...that one might have blown the 2 brain cells she had.
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