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Originally Posted by Linkin View Post
Step #1: Rotate crank to TDC for cylinder 1.
Step #2: Install cams with the cam chain as tight as possible on the exhaust side (with cam chain tensioner removed). Use cam caps with light torque to hold them in place
Step #3: Tighten cam caps to spec & install cam chain tensioner.
The service manual and link I posted both say it should be done with cylinder 2 at TDC. Other than that, that's exactly what I've been doing.

Originally Posted by Motofool View Post
It is very important that the brackets go back to the exact position and orientation that they originally had, since the journals are machined after those assemblies are in place.

You can remove all the tension from the chain by removing the chain tensioner and then installing each camshaft with no care about angular position or synchrony.

Align the sprockets by the manual, install the chain guard and then the cam chain tensioner.
That's what I did.

Originally Posted by ninja250r81 View Post
Need to get a timing degree wheel.

If the timing chain is old it looks like the chain is stretched. if you line up off the exh the int will be out and the opposite the other way. this is where adjustable cam timing int and exh will come in handy.

If its a new timing chain degree off the int side. Rotate the internals from tdc two or three times from the crankshaft and see what degree timing is out after that. Then adjust the valve clearance after that.
It's an old chain, I'll measure how much it's stretched later today. What's a timing degree wheel?
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