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WOW really ? My Kid has 2 lap tops perhaps I can snag the old one for that ! ( kids laptop is not android compatible so it's phone only... I get it !)

.... I just have one very old notebook and this computer which is a new fancy one ... but it is not portable at all.....
a OBD2 dongle eh ????
i'll see what the links you posted show me ! thanks Danno !

ok I just got one with bluetooth ! $12.00 something so even if I can't get it to work it's not going to break the bank !
.... thanks Danno

I also down loaded chkOBD on my phone....also Torque light... so I should be set i think
I seriously doubt I can change the parameters of the engine with this app ....but it is a starting place
just looking at the parameters is getting somewhere at this point ! LOL

is there anyway I can use my phone to reset the parameters on the F.I systems ??? or does that take something else ????

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