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Reviving 2007 Ninja 250

I have started working on a 2007 Ninja 250 that has been sitting outdoors under a tarp for the last 4 - 5 years. Gave it a bath, drained the fuel, cleaned the carburetors and put in new spark plugs.

She starts now but is a little rough. I let idle for about 2 minutes. When I drained the oil, it looked like a cappuccino. I pulled the filter and let that drain overnight.

According to the owner, it was running when she parked it, but occasionally had trouble shifting out of higher gears.

Coolant looks clean in radiator and overflow and is still full.
Brake rotors look good with slight surface rust, pads still have some depth.
Plastics are in great shape. No indication of physical damage.
Electrical all seems in good shape.
Makes a loud knocking when first starting, but so does my wife's 2006 Ninja 250.
Spot rust on the top of the forks, past where the seals travel. No leaks around seals.
No leaks around brakes.
Tires are date coded to 2016 and have good tread, no visible issues and still had air in them.

Current known issues:
1. How did the water get into the oil (blown head gasket, water pump, condensation, etc?)
2. Clutch does not currently disengage. I played with the adjusters for a few minutes, but have not spent much time on that yet. I suspect the cappuccino oil may be gumming the plates.
3. Chain had surface rust. Gave it a light cleaning and it moves freely at least for now.
4. Battery is shot (using one borrowed from another bike at the moment).

Considering I don't own any cylinder pressure gages to do a leak down test. What would be your recommendations?
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