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2010 ninja 250 race prep advice

Hi all i just bought a cheap layed down 2010 ninja 250 which has barely 3k KM

I bought this bike for the sole purpose of making it a dedicated track bike
Some of the things i have ordered are
1. clip ons that attach to the bottom of the triple clamp.
2. rear sets.
3. tank anti slip pads
4. EBC HH brake pads with steel braided brake lines on the front only
5. Metzller Front :-110/70-17, Rear :-150/60-17 (I have'nt put this on yet basically this are my brothers tires which still has some decent thread left on the sides and will use this until they burn out then switch to 140 rears).

Now I need advice on the suspension as i have 0 knowledge on suspension would be a great help to me if someone can point me to a right direction
for reference im 6'3'' and 170lbs.

I also plan to put some extra padding on the seats to make it a bit taller so that my legs are not as cramped if anyone has done this please also advice

Thanks for your time and any input is well appreciated.
full disclosure i havent done any track days yet but i have practiced using my brothers cbr 125 and my duke 690 on parking lots and im able to knee drag.

Would appreciate a budget friendly advice as this is a budget build got this bike for only 900 cad
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