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Question Timing Chain Replacement

Hey all, recently bought a Ninja 250r 2012 FI model. Just sent it in for major service at the Kawasaki dealership in my area. Mechanic completed the service and let me know that my timing chain/ belt needs urgent replacement and he highly recommends it. Netherless I gave him the go ahead. I dont know much history on the bike unfortunately and it has 27000km on the clock. My question is what is the purpose of the timing belt, is this something that has the tendency to go? Is it due to the bike possibly being ridden hard in the past? I have had issues where the bike would stall on the odd occasions and the FI light would light up. Could that also be due to this issue?

Sorry for the questions ,I'm by no means a pro. The bike is my weekend toy not a daily comuter or anything.
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