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Motorcycle Jack ???

Motorcycle Jack ? for when your out on an adventure and have no center stand ?
Well I got one and it should arrive tomorrow it's the type that you can take with you and get the rear tire off the bike in the rough...
it is a Lever type that pushes up on the rear swing arm on the right side and the side stand and it hold the rear wheel off the ground...(remember to put a rock in front of the front tire so it can't roll.)
.... I've seen some in use on youtube and thought, man if I would have had one of those years ago...... hehehehe but it wasn't until quite recently that you don't have a center stand ... it's another feature of modern bikes that boils my kettle !
and obviously my Pre ordered RX4 450cc does not have a center stand, so I bought the Bike jack to carry with me on it..... if it ever gets here... CSC now says the end of next month.... they've had delays due to covid !
I was wondering if any of you have used this type of jack and what your experiences with it were...
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