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tire question

I am getting back into riding after a hiatus, had kids and the whole deal. I finally have a place to properly work on bikes so I decided to get back into the sport I love. Anyways I will be doing my first track day in a few weeks. I picked up a newgen with very low miles and it has some Dunlop GT501s that are probably 80% left, and no wear on the edges since the person didn't lean at all. I purchased some new super sticky Bridgestone RS10s and I am contemplating putting them on or not. If you were me would you run through the tires on there first? Or use the better/track suited RS10 tires. I probably wont be leaning that far over anyways given I have a lot of work to do since I am rusty. Would it be better to use the GT501s now, or later when I have more experience? Or not use them at all? I watch a lot of Ari hennings videos and he says sport touring tires have more than enough grip to get a full lean on. All tho I would like the best experience possible and the most safe experience possible which is leaning me towards putting on the Bridgestones. Any insight from you guys would help out a lot.
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