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If you're going to track, don't over do it. LEARN how tyres behave as you approach their limits. Old street tyres have a large margin-of-error at the limit. You'll feel them cause some lightness/vagueness in steering as they approach the limit. If you continue to push, they'll start sliding slightly. Push some more and they'll howl and really slide. You can get 50-100ft of sliding at full-throttle on old street tyres at say... 40-50mph on turn X.

Sticker DOT-R tyres have higher limit, but very little margin of error. They'll feel fine at 55mph on same turn-X, then at 56mph, you're flat on your ass with no warning.

Learn to feel for the limit of any tyre and you'll be fine. Personally, I think old street tyres are safer for beginners because they have lower limits and wider margin-of-error.
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