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I rode the 750. I asked the girls if it was a girls bike (since it was with the Sportsters). Neither girl understood me. I was impressed but uncomfortable with the foot pegs being too high for me. It did handle better and had more power than I expected.

I don't like the forward controls either. I like my feet under me. The Sport Glide was nice but forward controls take it off my list of favorites. I didn't rode a Fat Boob. I did ride the Fat Ass Boy and it was my favorite along with the Road King (when they had the Stage 1).

I rode like a possessed banshee so dips and bumps were skimmed over. I was passing 6 to 10 other bikes at a time. I can't believe there is never a cop sitting on the other side of the airport. Actually I glad there is never a cop. I'd be bummed if I had to follow the demo riders that are following the leader at a snail's pace.
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