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Originally Posted by greg737 View Post
Here's a question for you: Have you or anyone else messed around with the components of the front brake master cylinder (located on the right-side handlebar)? I ask because there is a screwup/mistake that does actually happen occasionally on motorcycles (I've seen this situation personally).

The part inside the front brake master cylinder that transfers your hand pressure (brake level pull force) to the hydraulic piston inside the master cylinder (part #43020) can be accidentally installed backwards. When this part is installed backwards (reversed) it has the effect of preventing braking pressure from bleeding off after your hand releases the brake lever.

Long shot, I know, but it's worth checking to make sure the front brake master cylinder is assembled correctly.
I appreciate the response. However I do not believe this is the case because the bike was perfectly before winter storage and this issue only came up after the winter. Tomorrow im going to try to bleed the system and see if that does anything. Cleaning the cylinders with a toothbrush and brake cleaner seemed to help move the piston a bit but it still stops moving after a little bit of trouble. Really trying to avoid a rebuild. Will keep you guys posted
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