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Originally Posted by Cafe Racer View Post
Hate to say it, but you have been your worst enemy.
When you approach old fashion carbs you need all the parts to repair and replace. Plus the knowledge to do the job correctly. After rebuilding carbs for 50 years they are no big deal.
When you solve all the carb problems, and get your bike running, you will be an expert on carburetors.
Live and learn. Fuel injection is not all it is cracked up to be. Electrical gremlins can ruin your day.

Or just send them to ducatiman.
So true. Various forums filled with complex FI diagnostic difficulties...when tracing issues back to ECU related ...can get highly technical, time consuming, needed replacement can get super $$$. Old fashioned carbs, OTOH usually cheap and simple, totally eliminating the complexity of ECU from diagnostics.

I'm generalizing, of course, exceptions (simple FI fixes) do exist and can be cited...but not always, FI "non-starts" can be bitchy.

Faced with a "non-start" a diagnostic/repair perspective...I'd prefer a carbed bike to FI anytime.
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