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Originally Posted by Ram Jet View Post
Go for it!! I had a 73 Kaw 500 triple. I increased the compression ratio by removing the copper head gasket. I lapped the surface of the cylinders and heads on a piece of glass with valve grinding compound. I assembled the head/cylinders using only Permatex High Tack gasket sealer for a head gasket. No leakage. Then I knew the pistons were getting tired and I was due for an overbore and new pistons. So, I releaved the piston crowns at the exhaust port to increase the timing (like installing a camshaft with large valve overlap on a four cycle). It was a screamer at high R.P.M. but had trouble producing enough power at lower R.P.M. to ride two-up.

I wouldn't do this kind of stuff today but when I was younger it was fun. That's what this is all about - FUN. Have at it. You're making memories that you can tell your kids about to make them certain you are nuts.

Photos please.


i always wanted a triple👍🏻
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