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Originally Posted by andylawcc View Post
currently, there are no adjustable rearsets for the pre-gen, so if the stock rearset fits, then I reckon aftermarket (adjustable!) ones from a new-gen will fit on the pre-gen!
any rearset/rearset adjuster that fits the current 250R will fit the pre-gen. Some rearset adjusters need a little material shaved off where they contact the frame, but they work great. a little searching will net good results on this. note how woodcraft has one set of rearsets that work for all 1988-current ninja 250R's

I'm using rearset adjusters from A+L that work great. If I can find a set of OEM 2008+ rearsets that are cheap, I'll get them because they're black and don't stand out so badly from the rest of the bike
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