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So, the story with the engine is as follows. Bought the bike for next to nothing and it was mid cafe racer project and barely ran. I found out it had a broken rocker so I ordered my lucky find of a full set of rocker arms. In the meantime I decide to replace some other stuff and next thing you know the whole thing is completely disassembled.cleaned everything, all new gaskets, carb clean and rebuild. Put it all back together and get it to run but pretty rough, no carb sync and running pods and open headers. I'm about to start the process of making things run right and all of a sudden I notice coolant coming from the head gasket on exhaust side. Instead of just trying to re-torque the head bolts I gave up and tore it mostly apart again.

Tl;dr I think I have the whole engine minus a gasket set, but it had pretty high miles and you could tell it had a rough life. Honestly don't think it would be worth the cost and hassle of shipping it.
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