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Originally Posted by ducatiman View Post
if I may barge in to add one suggestion......resist the temptation to resort to the use of "starting fluid". While being destructive to plastic slides and rubber based diaphragms....even if the bike starts and runs for 3 seconds....the underlying fuel system deficiencies still remain.

The stuff is NOT a pro diagnostic tool by any stretch...on the contrary can be destructive.

Properly cleaning the entire fuel system...tank, petcock and carbs (adjusting as needed) will offer reliable, ongoing performance.

I havenít ever tried using starting fluid to get it started. Havenít thought about that. Just needs cleaned. Sat for awhile and I went to look at it, got it running but it was rough. From 2005. 23k miles. I really am having a blast learning about everything that comes along with riding and not just going out and getting a bike to ride everyday. I enjoy learning the insides And outs about this bike and even if itís at a slow rate. Iím improving and Iím persistent I Know Iíll get it. Thank you guys again. For real.
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