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Originally Posted by LandonH7 View Post
When it did start I was giving it throttle and a Bunch of smoke was coming out both my exhausts. ANd let me do say I did have my gas tank fuel line and vacuum line that goes to my petcock dis connected. I know the fuel line goes on the right side but could you please help point out where these EXACT locations go for these hoses. I tried looking it up but I keep finding ones that have a different setup on their actual gas tank itself. I linked a few pictures i think I did it right .. first time trying.
Search for "petcock hoses"

Big hose goes between big fuel-port on petcock and side fuel-rail inlet on carb.

Small hose goes on to small vacuum-port on back side of petcock to brass vacuum-nipple on carb.

While you're there, test petcock:

1. attach small hose to vacuum-port on back of petcock
2. attach big fuel-hose to petcock and aim free-end into measuring cup
3. apply vacuum or carefully suck on small vacuum-hose
4. does petrol flow from petcock into measuring cup?
5. let petrol flow for 30-seconds
6. how much did you collect in measuring cup?

Common issue is vacuum line between carbs and petcock leaks due to cracks or loose hose-clamps on ends. TIP: unbolt back of tank, lift it up and hold it up with prop-rod (wooden stick). This lets you get at back of petcock easily to attach vacuum-hose. Or when disconnecting, leave hose-ends attached to petcock and disconnect from carbs.
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