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Originally Posted by LandonH7 View Post
What do you mean by number 3? Where is the small vacuum hose located.
2. I attached the big fuel hose to the petcock which is connected to the gas tank, correct? And then do Is take the end that’s connected to the carb off and point and aim that free end into cup and measure? <4,5,6>
1. Still kind of confused on this one, I’m sure it’s in the right spot, it’s the smaller one. I will link pictures here soon. It’s a super tight fit and just looks odd maybe you can help me. Thank you again, so much!!
2. yes, remove hose-end from carb-inlet and aim into cup to measure 30-seconds worth of flow. How much did you get?

I think you have aftermarket manual petcock. It has only ONE big port on it for petrol, but no small port for vacuum? It flows by itself when you turn to ON right?

Aftermarket manual petcock.

OEM automatic petcock. Has 2nd vacuum port and requires vacuum in order to turn start fuel-flow in ON/RES position.

This leaves us with problem of unplugged vacuum hose from carbs. Lift off or remove tank and look at how hoses should be routed on carbs.

In front of choke cable on top, two vacuum ports are at top of carbs. One vacuum port goes to coast-enricher. Make sure if you have CA Emissions T-fitting, that it's not open. Should have 3rd hose in middle going towards front of bike. If port is open, close it with rubber-cap.

Second vacuum port goes to petcock. Since yours doesn't have vacuum fitting, cover 2nd vacuum port on carb with rubber cap.
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