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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
Be sure to keep new battery on charger any time you're not riding it. We need to measure battery-voltage after starting to confirm that it's being or not being recharged first.

Yes, since you do not have vacuum-port on petcock, hose that goes to it should be plugged. Remove it from carb and close off vacuum port on carb with rubber cap. Or stick bolt into open end of hose to seal it.

Also what is this brass nipple connected to?

You need to adjust idle-speed higher so it doesn't drop when you let go of throttle. Screw IN idle-adjustment knob clockwise about 4-6 complete turns (circled in green). It'll probably idle too high next time, but will run without needing to hold throttle. Then back off choke as it warms up. When choke is zero, adjust idle knob to correct speed.
Actually I did measure new battery voltage.. was 12.5 12.6 before cranking was steady. Started cranking over and would only drop to 11.5 and I didnít see it go any lower than that. But also thatís why I didnít wanna keep starting it and just keep trying like you told me earlier. I will hook it up to that thing I bought, itís just a float charger it keeps it from losing charge it doesnít actually charge the battery is what it says on it... it was only $5 from harbor freight . But I didnít measure it when the bike was actually running , and when I was giving it throttle. It was right before that..

And that brass nipple was (I think from the petcock..) which is why you thought I only had one brass nipple , the second was in my hand because I think it had came off the petcock Iím oretty sure that was the vacuum nipple I Put it back like shown but Iím not sure exactly how it was when i took it apart. Also there was no hose on top of gas tank (Iíll link picture at end) which is what I mean to earlier when I said ny brass nipples were running horizontally rather than vertical.. as your petcock pictures are shown. Iím not sure how the previous owner had it setup.
I will also adjust idle speed , thank you.
Again I really appreciate the help!! Thank youí so much
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