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DIY - Oil Cooler Kit

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time since I posted here but I think this is a good one. My race ninja 250 now has a 300 engine in it (RIP 250) and it has 43 hard working horses at the wheel. Last year, the water temp was always 110c at the end of my sessions and I had to change the oil quite often. Long story short, I decided to put an oil cooler on the bike, yes for cooling, but for the extra oil capacity too. I now use 10w50 oil in the bike.

The hard part was to find the plate that would fit the 300 bloc. the rest is pretty strait forward. You can see the machining on the plate on the pictures of the plate on the bike. Now the temp stay below 100c and oil at around 110c. Please note that I have a Yosh full system and hoses routing can vary on your application. I did put some header tape to reduce the heat near the hoses just for safety.

Hi hope that my thread will help some of you guys. So, the most economic way I found is the following:

Sandwich plate: GReddy Engine Oil Block Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter, Type E M20 x 1.50 -10AN (it has a thermostat)
You need to shave the plate to have a max diam of 71mm or it wont fit the 300 block. The adaptor is m20 to 3/4-16

Oil Filter : Wix WL10239 or Toro Equivalent
this is important because you need to have the gasket of the filter on the flat part of the plate and the stock filter won't do the trick.

Oil cooler : 2003–2012 sv650

AN10 fittings for the Oil Cooler (2X): AN10 to m12 x 1.0mm

AN10 fittings kit: cheap amazone one.

Temp Gauge: Cheap ebay / amazon one












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