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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
Oooh, very nice!!! Since track-day season is over for summer-break and racing won't start up again until Sept., I've been going to PKRA weekly -

However, N250 is too big for this track, I'm stuck between 1 & 2nd-gear most of time. Looking for smaller lighter (100kg max) 65-100cc 2-stroke bike. Something like Kawi KX65/85 or Honda CR8R...
Closest possible gearing is the answer for karting tracks. Rev drop between 1-2 is massive. 2-3 is a lot better, noticeable everywhere.

We're currently at Pesämäki circuit. So far 3 seconds quicker than last year.
Edit: 4,7 sec improvement from last year. 3km/h higher top speed. On shorter straights almost 10 km/h faster. I'll compose a video at some point. Morning warm up plus 43 timed laps.

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