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Originally Posted by Mechanikrazy View Post
What is the "usual" lap time around THill on a small bike? At least from the AFM race results, it seems like the 300 is capable of running a 2:04-2:12 for racers (from latest AFM results there).

I would agree that the 400 should be a bit faster than the 300, but I would expect it to be about 3 seconds or so for the same rider on the same day.
Well, tyre selections alone can be 2-3s on exact same bike, on same day, with same rider. Picking exact same model bike between different riders or classes is unpredictable because we don't know kinds of legal or cheater mods they've done. Different riders on different model bikes? Way more variables that we can't even pinpoint. So there's wide variations possible there.

For example, Dave Moss used to dominate 250-Superbike, getting 2:02 times on his CBR250RR. Guy's a monster! Doing all his laps within 1/4-sec of each other.

But we don't know what kind of mods he's done because rules only require frame & engine match, that's it. Or Marc Edwards, MotoAmerica hotshot, has gotten 2:01 times on R3, which should be stock in order to drop down into 250-Superbike. But again, we don't know exactly how "stock" his bike was for those races. His R3 is now slower since it has to conform to 300WSS rules.

That's why I went with only stock bikes provided by Feel Like A Pro, to rule out all mods. They also use same Pirelli Supercorsa/Rosso-II tyres on all their bikes, further equalizing variables. Finally I picked same rider doing races in same month year after year. This rider is only interested in drive-up-and-race scenarios, leaving all maintenance to FLAP. So there's no monkeying with physical aspects of bike that we don't know about. Since FLAP rents bikes to competing racers, they do darn good job of making sure all their bikes are very equal in stock performance.
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