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Originally Posted by RacinNinja View Post
Well, nope. Not the answers I was expecting.

Bottom is perfect on 92 No Ethanol. Top is 100LL/92 No-E 50/50 mix perfect tune. Tested both on a dyno.

I always thought the bottom one looked a little lean. Porcelain is perfectly white but the timing is good if you look at the strap. Idle is a tad on the rich side, which the dyno sheet reflects. Base circle is a bit dark.

You're pretty good at reading plugs. Carry on.
In truth, I would be happy with either plug if I pulled it out of a bike.

I would only be concerned if one was more "sooty" black(rich) or a light tan(lean) or white.

For me, a change in gas brands or the way you ride can make anything else most likely just guesswork.

Thus the reason for my question.
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