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[] - Motorcyclist know road rules better than drivers

MOTORCYCLISTS know the rules of the road better than car drivers according to a survey confirming what many of us will feel was already beyond doubt.

The study asked drivers and riders to complete a quiz based on the official theory test and found the motorcyclists were more likely to pass.

Sixteen per cent of drivers would fail a driving test based on the results compared to 6% of motorcyclists.

The survey of 1,358 riders and 1,4056 car drivers found the motorcyclists were better at identifying the meaning of road signs. Shown eight signs, 83% of riders were able to identify all correctly, compared to 67% of the drivers.

Drivers also showed poor awareness of hazards to riders. In the multiple choice test, they were presented with a number of signs and asked which one suggested more care should be taken when overtaking a slow-moving motorcyclist. Only 34% correctly highlighted the side-winds sign shown in our picture. When riders were asked the same question, 89% got it right.

Four in 10 drivers displayed no knowledge of why they should allow extra room when overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day, compared to 95% of riders.

The survey was conducted by an insurance firm which is now offering a car policy specifically for drivers who also ride, on the basis they make safer all-round road users. Carole Nash – known for bike insurance - says it can ‘guarantee’ to undercut motorcyclists’ car insurance renewal quotes.

Rebecca Donohue, Carole Nash’s head of marketing, said: ‘Motorcyclists scored so highly because they must have their wits about them at all times.

‘But more importantly, our study revealed that a rather considerable proportion of car drivers still do not know how to interpret and react to certain everyday road situations involving motorcyclists – something we believe should be addressed as soon as possible.’

The Motorcycle Industry Association says the results show the need for a single theory test for both drivers and motorcyclists, instead of separate ones.

Karen Cole, the group’s training director, said: ‘Many motorcyclists are also car drivers and what this survey shows is that experiencing the road using different modes of transport makes you a safer road user.

‘It also supports our call for a single theory test for drivers and riders.’
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