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I got the Quad Lock setup and I am real glad I did it sticks to the back of my phone's case and is super secure even on dirt roads and pot holes
the handle bar attachment thing is robust and i have no fear of it braking because of a bump .... they also have a unit that will charge your phone
without plugging it in or one that you can plug into like normal
I saw the Ram mounts and thought they would not handle bad bumps or dirt roads and trails and I wanted something that wasn't going to brake...
and so far I can say that I got what I wanted ! fast and easy to put on or take off... for me it's the way to go.... I'll take it off the ninja and put it on the RX4
as that is what it was intended for in the first place.
their expensive.... but very secure ! my 200 dollar phone isn't going to be destroyed when it's on the bike I'm fairly certain ! if I had a $600 dollar phone I would leave it home instead of taking it with me LOL
but with the Quad lock phone holder there is no need it's as secure as it gets !

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