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MOTM - Feb '18
it starts and idles normal.
as soon as throttle is open #1 cylinder starts to load and sound erratic.
difficult to reach mid throttle

if i keep opening throttle, i get intense smell of gas.
bike usually dies if throttle is opened.
since i got bike home. the symptoms have stabilized to just bad/unrideable. been on the stand since 03/19

i have pulled the plug on cylinder #1/it almost looks fouled.

we ruled out ignitor,coils,carbs,fuel delivery,air, has new battery.
what about safety switches?should i jumper them?
compression good on both cylinders too.
camshaft position sensor changed out also.
if i ran jumper wire from ignitor to each respective coil
green with 2 gray dots(cylinder#2) and black with 2 gray dots(cylinder#1) and no change occurred. would not this eliminate ignitor to coil test as ok?
damn sounds ignition related but how and where to look. or do i just buy a new wiring harness?
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