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Originally Posted by crimsondragon View Post
Did a small road trip to pick up mail at my gf's place, about 60 miles away, then went to my mom's to pick up old mail, about 30 miles away, then on the way home, I lost all power while on the highway and could not rev past 6k RPM and had a real tough time going above 50 mph. I was able to limp it home and I cleaned the carb again.
When it dies like this, is typically caused by dried chunks of petrol varnish being dislodged and clogging bleed-holes in pilot-jet, and/or emulsion-tubes and/or carb-venturi. Note that spray carb cleaners no longer work due to removal of chlorinated compounds.

You’ll have better luck with pee, it has ammonia which does good job of cleaning deposits off aluminium. To really clean carbs requires lots of mechanical scrubbing and flossing of secret hidden fuel-circuits after jets. Also needs hours if soaking in ultrasonic cleaner followed by micro soda-blasting. Do search on here for “clean carbs ducatiman” for photos and procedures on what it takes to restore carbs to factory-fresh clean condition. When carbs are restored to factory-fresh clean, bike will run like brand-new off showroom floor.
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