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Hello from SE Minnesota!

Hey yall. Finally joined up after using various threads to help me through bringing the 08 ex250 i bought beginning of Aug back into good condition. After finding the first helpful thread ive found myself here time and again so figured i needed to be able to actually post when i have a question i cant find an already supplied answer for.

When i bought my bike i knew itd need work(it was far from expensive lol) tho it runs and drives decent. ive been going through it section by section to figure out what i need to do and these forums have been a huge boon. So thank you all for the excellent help/advice you put out!

Im currently doing carb work on it this week(parts have been delayed or id be in the shop right now lol) and plan to repack the forks next. Ill be using y'alls guides to do so as well. Well, ended up rambling on wayy more than necessary in an intro but w/e lol. Glad to be here!
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