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Originally Posted by Idealhobbies View Post
As a follow-up to my suggestion...

Because they are quite popular, and ridiculously overpriced, they are also a popular item to steal. With the quick adjustment knob installed, it only takes seconds to remove a mount and arm. They sell an adjustment setup "lock" that takes a "Key" to turn it.

I replaced the quick adjustment knob with a regular nut on the items that I leave permanently on the bike. Not only is my phone mount using the ram ball setup, but my TomTom Rider 550 GPS (happily recommend despite it's few quirks) has a ram mount system mount. These items stay on my bike, so I use a regular nut instead of the quick adjuster. I have them just loose enough that I can move them with a bit of resistance to adjust for sun washout if needed, but tight enough so that they don't move while riding. They will sometimes move if I hit a large bump, but not under normal circumstances.

Here are the ram mount "securing" items...

Like I said...a simple nut works for me. If they want to steal it, I make them work a little harder for it, without spending $70
I definitely be getting rid of that quick adjustment knob and go is with security bolt
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