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MOTM - Jun '16
As a kid I will admit I had a bit of an interest in motorcycles . I certainly didn't own one of these:

Link to original page on YouTube.

But as I got older and life got busier, I sort of 'forgot' about it in a strange way. That was until my best friend ( @Momaru ) and I caught up and he mentioned he had purchased a Ninja 250. He was shocked he had gotten a bike before me. Gauntlet thrown. I had my own bike within a few months. A while down the line we met up for an epic ride together, through many scenic routes and parks, and then my first time on the track as the finale at California Superbike School.

It became tradition. Every summer we would meet up somewhere and ride. California Superbike School was the core of our tradition (both for the instruction and the ability to use their bikes). Every year he would claim I was improving faster than he, and that surely next year I'd be the better rider of the two of us.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2018, he passed away. I never got to see him be proud of me surpassing him – if that moment ever would've come. Still, I felt I owed it to him to try; so, in memorial I decided this would be the year I really got serious about riding. This included a lot more school time than I’ve ever done before, and some programs I hadn’t tried yet (namely CodeRACE and Yamaha Champions). These are my reflections on things as a rider.

I'll admit to some biases – I have done so many California Superbike days (not just this year) that I can't claim to be neutral, but I'll do my best to provide good information and to talk about my progress. So I'm going to break things into a few segments and then a summary of how this all came together at the year’s end.

"most folks racing this bike get it in a competitive state of being with much less invested than you've already put in Saturn." - Alex
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