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Originally Posted by spent_too_much View Post
I'm not sure if you know about this site, or if it's too late. All Balls has a fork conversion site, where you can order the bearing kits that you need for a swap.

This is what I found, for the YZF750 front end.

Yamaha YZF750 1994 25 48 13 99-3509-5 30 52 16 99-3521-5
Yep, I actually have a bearing kit already on order and should have next week. What I was able to do is use the Kawi bearing raceways resting on the yamaha front end. Bottom is a match. On the top, the threads were a little below the neck so we made a locking nut with a collar in the middle of it. It goes between stem and bearing raceway for the Kawi to center it and threaded down lots for a good solid pull down. When the timken bearings arrive, they'll be a drop in fit to get away from the loose balls of old. I'll take pictures of the pieces next week when putting it together. Came out pretty nice.
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