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I rubbed down the clutch plates with oil then reassembled and torqued everything. New filter and fresh oil.

Ran the bike for about about 5 minutes then did a compression test. Both cylinders were similar but lower than spec. I expected this based on the review of the gauge indicating it would read extremely low when used on small displacement engines due to the hose to the gauge expanding.

Oil still looks like oil, which is encouraging. I am still now sure how the water got in. No change in the coolant level after running for a few minutes. No white smoke, etc.

I pulled the carbs, much easier the second time, and cleaned again. Found a couple issue and some fresh gunk in one of the carbs and a clogged jet. I should probably add an inline fuel filter. I had switched the floats when I hot tanked it so the levels were high on one and low on the other. I swapped them back and they measure correctly. I used a spray can of carb cleaner instead of the hot tank this time, allowing me to validate fluid flowing through the inside passages.
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