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2021 Tire thread

Looking for a new set of tires for a the 95 250. I used the search function and only came up with tire suggestions / info that's over a year old.

Looking for tires that are stock sizes. Preferably not bias ply. I'm not concerned with wear but need a tire that works well for canyon carving. I run battlax S21's on my GSXR and love the way they hold in corners. I've been searching all the usual sites and am having a hard time finding something.

Front Tire: 100/80-16
Rear Tire: 130/80-16

Not interested in changing the swing arm, wheels, etc. my 95 is bone stock with 2300 original miles and about as flawless as you can get. Anything new out this year you are running? I see lots of 16" wheel tires that are listed as "scooter" tires. Anyone ever tried them?
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