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Originally Posted by Moto-Kafe View Post
I'm on the hunt for #2 Ninja 250.......the little engines in these 250's are real screamers (as everyone here knows) much "smoother" than my 2008 EX500 engine. Sure, the 500 has more torgue, and is faster......but the little 250 has very little vibration compared to the 500. Prices on FB are all over the cosmos........looking for a jewel that has not been rode hard, and one that was put away "dry".....and now won't run due to carb issues. I know a guy that can help me with that......
might have one for ya. my red (08 250r)has been down for almost 2 years. tried everything, everybody on the forum chipped in. still won't take any throttle. duct has rebuilt carbs 3 times going to try again tomorrow. i have tons of spare parts/stands etc. too

i have moved on to other projects/bikes.
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