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Originally Posted by Triple Jim View Post
That's not a lot of miles. I realize miles isn't necessarily the primary feature of tires, but I'd hope to do better than that on a light motorcycle like a 250.
Well a little about me and my riding... I am a tool when I ride, so I push the outer limits of the bike, pretty regularly... I carry saddlebags and luggage on my bike (on average about 20-30 lbs of luggage, and up to 50 lbs when traveling far).. I also ride at a fast pace while on back roads, and a lot of the roads around where I live are built for 90-120 mph speeds in the corners, so I am regularly keeping the bike up towards 90+ mph pretty much all the time when I'm riding in my normal spirited mode and my tire pressure is usually kept in the high 20's front and rear (when 2up I up it to 40 in the rear and 30 up front)... When I ride 2 up with my wife, which I do frequently on the 250 when we go grocery shopping, I usually keep the average pace closer to 80 mph... Now when someone whos normal rides the 250, like my wife for instance, she can get 5000-7000 out of a rear and 10k plus on a front...
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