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Originally Posted by Zaph42 View Post
(SNIP) By this time next year I expect to be way more back into biking. Beats where I was this time last year - my doc said to keep my heart rate under 140 or my ascending aorta may burst.
Just be careful out there on a bicycle.

I see situations all the time at look really dangerous to me - high speeds downhill in traffic with minimal protection. Speed is speed - crashing on a cycle, bicycle, scooter, whatever.

And all those bad drivers passing you all the time.

Hopefully you have good biking trails and marked bike lanes in your area. I'm not a cyclist, but that's the only reasonably safe road riding from what I have seen.

Skill and street-smarts help, but it didn't save Nicky.

I retired from motorcycle and kart racing many years ago, mostly for financial reasons, but the kart tracks have been calling me lately. That Kawi looks pretty nice...
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