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I stopped riding on the track back in 2010, after I got laidoff from my big pharma job.
Between 2005 and 2010, I think I've partaken over 40 trackday events, mostly with my multiple 1st-gen SV650s, Honda XR650R Supermotard and Pre-gen Ninja 250. Always ridden on the track with full-sized bike.

Never crashed on the track but ran off the track more times that I can remember.
Maybe next time on a vintage trackday I will take my 1977 Honda CT90 (17" wheels) to play around:

I've been commuting with my bicycle for the last 2 years.. in Brooklyn, NYC metro area. It is certainly not for the fainted heart, almost daily I have to ride on opposite side of street or sidewalk to avoid collision with other vehicle or pedestrian. Always need to look for possible danger few cars ahead.

I've gotten two door-prizes (when cyclist crash into opening car door when drive do not look before opening car door), broken 3 wheels by hitting big potholes and T-boned by a SUV in the crosswalk in heavy rain.
Luckily, I seem to manage not to break anything on my body when I have accidents on bicycle so far. Riding at lower speed and having less weight sure helps.
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