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Cars have crossed my mind. I'm not into drifting at all, but there are a couple of local sports car clubs that run at our local kart track. It would have to be a small convertible, either a Miata or a Porsche Boxster. Both are reasonably priced on the used market. As a bonus, everyone in my family would like a convertible and my wife didn't immediately shoot down the idea.

Not sure how much fun a little car like that would be at the big tracks though. A bigger sports car is probably out of the question due a costs.

Fun with blood thinners - I've been changing my own motorcycle tires for years using a bead breaker, tire spoons, rim guards and lube. It was never easy to start with, but this weekend I did it and got a couple bloody knuckles that wouldn't stop bleeding. There was blood all over. I don't think I will be doing that myself anymore. But without changing race tires every other day I don't think I will need it much anymore anyway.
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