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130/70/17 Or 140/70/17

Hi guys i have a question about the size of the tires, my rear tire is old and i want to buy a new michelin pilot street, but i saw time ago some post of another users telling that they put a 140 rear tire, you guys know what is the difference about a 140 from a 130?

Lose speed?
better grip?
have more speed?

sorry for this poor post
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It'll be a little less maneuverable with a 140. Otherwise, pretty much no difference.
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No difference. Maybe heavier steering and not as responsive.

Squeezing wide 140mm radial onto narrow rims causes some nervousness at limit. You'll end up with 5-10mm unused stripe on edges of 140 tyre, so effectively you'll be using only 130mm of it anyway. You'll want to retrofit Ninja 300 4.0" rear wheel in order to make most use of 140 tyre.

Many, many reports of Ninja 400 racers going from 150 to 140 tyre for improved handling. That's because Kawasaki didn't upgrade 400's rear-wheel from Ninja 300's 4.0" width. So 150 tyre just doesn't work on that narrow of rim.

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Another oddity is that if the wider tire is made for a wider rim and you put it on the rim size for the narrower tire, it may not end up any wider at all. I had that happen once when I tried a 130 tire in place of a 120 on my Guzzi, and measuring it with a caliper they were within a few thousandths of an inch of the same.
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To cut to the chase on installing a wider rim tire, onto a thinner rim is SAFETY. The air pressure you need to get it to seat, is much, MUCH higher, than what the tire is rated. (Maybe not every single time, or application. ) I used to run a 150 tire for a 4.0 rim, onto a 3.5 rim. (Stock tire was 130) No shop would mount it for me. Was never told why. (I wish they did.) So I did it myself, at my job, after hours.

I did this often. Had I been aware of the danger, I wouldn't have done it. Not worth the risk.

I get the conversation about going to a wider tire, for same rim width. Just alerting you that, you really don't want to squeeze a wider rim tire, to a thinner rim.

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