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Rear shock conundrum!

I bought a used rear shock as a budget 25 dollar upgrade for a bike.

The shock showed up, and after a few hours of custom fabrication to make it fit the bike -- I removed the spring so I could install the shock and run the swing arm fully up and down to check chain tension, brake caliper clearance, exhaust clearance, etc.

Once I removed the spring, and the plastic cover (protecting the shock shaft) beneath it, I discovered that the bump stop was virtually non-existent. The rubber had crumbled and dry-rot had decayed what was left of the bump stop.

Being resourceful, I ordered a replacement bump stop. Once it arrived, I set the shock in the vise and began to remove the lower eyelet so I could install the replacement bump stop.

Upon cracking the nut loose, I heard a hiss and approximately 1cc of oil came out around the threads. Realizing what was happening, I immediately re-tightened the nut and sat down to re-think things.

I thought nothing of depressurization or oil loss before taking it apart because I had just done a spring swap on a similar minibike shock the day before. Obviously the minibike shock was not as sophisticated, and therefore not losing any pressure when I removed the lower eyelet. In hindsight, I should have known that I would lose pressure if I loosened that nut. Not my finest moment.

Now I have a shock with no bump stop, compromised internal pressure and oil volume, and a 'rebuild' estimate of 200 bucks from racetech to install the bump stop that I bought.

This was supposed to be a "budget" upgrade. As of now I've got..
-useless 25 dollar shock
-useless 35 dollar bump stop
-useless 20 dollar dog-bones
-30 bucks in wasted hardware/fasteners
-5 hours of fabrication and time

...and my pride won't let me write all this off as a mistake and put the OEM shock back on.

I can either..
-send shock to racetech for 200 and they will install bump stop and re-charge oil/pressure
-buy new/old "budget" shock of same make/model and hope it has a decent bump stop
-throw it all in the trash and feel sorry for myself
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Remove the upper eyelet.

Which shock did you get?

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better yet, remove the pride and the whole God damn shock. Replace it with an OEM. Browse online. Get a new one. It was just one of those ways nature tells you that sh*t ain't working.

We all have been through this. Well, not replacing shocks, but something similar. I chose to save my time since I can do other things which will be way more productive.
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