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Tail, license, gauge light circuit short? Fuse 4 blowing

2012, bought dropped, but everything working. done some front blinker work my self last summer, fenders too, but nothing recently that coincides with the gauges stopping(to my memory) any help would be appreciated.

My fuse #4 (tail light, plate light, gauge light) keeps blowing. I donít KNOW but Iím pretty sure I have a short somewhere. My lights first went out about a month ago, (before I went into my tail section) I didnít know they were same circuit as my tail light so as Iíve went in to put an eliminator on, I noticed no power. Checked the fuse and it was blown. I redid my wiring on the rear and even tried just removing them from the circuit entirely. And they keep blowing.

Are there any trouble spots I should check first before going through the entire harness?

Does anyone know about how much resistance I should be getting on the entire circuit? Or per section? is there a clever way to go at this?

I'm mostly mechanically inclinced but i've never been afraid to get into electrical. But my head is starting to spin and I don't know where my problem could be, or really how to narrow it down.
(to clarify, the gauges stopped working before I touched my tail section. My state does not require license lighting, so I may be able to remove that from the circuit as long as it doesn't remove too much resistance form the system...i think... right?)

any help much appreciated, thanks!
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Each circuit on separate fuse is on different circuit.

Those sharing a fuse will be dependent on other circuits functioning properly and not blowing fuse.

Easy way to find short is measure resistance between each bulb-socket +12v supply line and chassis-ground. Should be open-circuit or infinite resistance. Or even simpler, just trace each +12v power wire and inspect every inch 360-degree around.
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As you've already found, that fuse covers basically every running light on the bike. It's mostly the red/blue wire you want to be looking at, but other colors are used for the remaining circuits after switches (brakes, ignition for the park feature, etc.). It runs all over the bike, from the dash to the plate light, so you've got quite a bit to check.

Like DannoXYZ said, you can use a meter to test for unwanted continuity between the + wire and ground. Unfortunately, it could be anything from a wire rubbed through in the middle of the harness somewhere, to a corroded bulb socket shorting out. The sockets are probably the easiest to check out, so you might as well look for obvious problems at all the bulbs.

Other likely spots are where the wire is close to hard parts joining together or moving. This is where you'd be most likely to find pinched or rubbed-through wires. Anything is possible, but a wire ziptied to the frame in the middle of the bike is a lot less likely to get damaged than where it passes from the body into the turn signal, for example.

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