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Smilez_on_Throttle newbie
Name: Courtney
Location: Columbus, OH
Join Date: Feb 2021

Motorcycle(s): 2011 Ninja 250

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So, def noob here in pretty much my '11 ninja in the end of August this past year without knowing what a clutch was and managed to put over 3,000 miles on her in less than 3 months while simultaneously falling absolutely head over heels in love/addicted to everything about it.. and only going down once.

(Hit huge ridge while attempting to change lanes downtown and not believing such curbsized ridges in the middle of lanes on a street even existed 😳..and so as such had mind blown along with light injury to my baby, some road rash, bit of a concussion, and a few days in

On a separate note, the fact that the next morning I was more upset at having no choice but to waste precious few remaining riding days for the year in bed since i couldnt even mount her, and also closer to tears about the damage i caused rather than the pain solidified just how deep in I already am.

Came looking for info on some repairs and mods I'd like to make as a make up gift to Kitana before the weather is right again, as I know for a fact I will be hard pressed to suffer any warm days in the garage instead of flying on the but as a noob looking for handlebar risers, seeing more than one shape and design made me pause and look a bit deeper before investing in random...

So...any advice or ideas on these things I'm wanting to do, (pls keep in mind I know next to nothing as is and am teaching myself what and how on everything and also doing it myself so simple ish if possible would be great)
*gotta clean/rebuild my carb asap, already have kit-only YouTube as idea for what and where a carb is located. Lol

*handlebar risers- to take some pressure off wrists and sit a bit more upright

*mirror extensions- not sure wtf kawasaki was thinking when attaching the stock ones if any actual human sat on the bike during testing or anytime before selling, but current mirrors SUCK

*anything about adjusting clutch/ brake levers for small 5'2 (ish), so don't have a huge range of reach of pretty much anything. Lol. Although, my ninja surprised me with how perfect a seat height it has...never thought I'd be able to flat foot any bike. -and another reason I fell in

*best mods for booty comfort on long rides

*best bags to strap on passenger seat- looking for compact but spacious enough to hold small personals , water bottle, and some extra layers, and preferably doesn't slide up like my current one

*best comfy, protective, COOL gear for summer and warm for winter

So, ya know, like everything I guess. Lol. If you have any insight, I'd love to hear it and would appreciate it. If not, or even still, I'll be looking for these anyway and think this site is pretty cool.
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CC Cowboy certified postwhore
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Name: Whodat
Location: Ware Is.,MA
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Motorcycle(s): I pass the wind!

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Smilez_on_Throttle! Glad to have you aboard...
If everything seems under control; you're just not going fast enough!
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Triple Jim
Guy Who Enjoys Riding
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Name: Jim
Location: North Central North Carolina
Join Date: Jul 2016

Motorcycle(s): Ninja 250

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Hi Courtney, welcome to the board! I'm sorry about your crash, but it's good you're on the way back to riding.

I have bar-end mounted mirrors on my 250. They're the Chinese eBay ones that are something like $14/pair delivered.

I've found that my rear end adapts to seats pretty well with some riding time. If it gets sore at first, by the time I have a few thousand miles logged I never notice it again. There are options for trying to increase seat comfort, but maybe things will get better on their own.
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Ceeloo Yello guru
Name: C
Location: Hawaii
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Motorcycle(s): 250

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"It ended up being the loose nut behind the wheel"
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Kuya EZ member
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Name: Eric
Location: Las Vegas
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Motorcycle(s): 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250 / 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6 / 2006 Yamaha R6 (track bike) / 2014 Ducati 1199s

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Welcome! I'm sure you'll find plenty of old threads here about rebuilding your bike. Be safe out there!
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Snake certified postwhore
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Name: Rick
Location: Alexandria, Louisiana
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Motorcycle(s): 05 Blue Ninja 250

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Hello and welcome!
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The Corner Whisperer
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Name: Chris (aka Reactor)
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CaliGrrl certified postwhore
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Name: Kerry
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Motorcycle(s): Ninja250

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Can't speak to most mods, but I can recommend a good bag for the passenger seat- Kriega! They're soft bags, insulated a little bit, and they're easy to deal with. They come in different sizes, and you can change it real easily. They all use the same anchors to your frame.
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