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Yes I find it very interesting that companies are very innovative when they first start out, they know all the tricks of the trade but as time goes on they some times loose touch with the rest of the world and simply get left behind...
then they see the company struggling to make a profit and turn on the employees and fire everyone keeping only a skeleton crew and then wonder why they can't produce their product , and then the companie folds....
i've seen this a few times, the end results are always the same.

I guess the owner of the company just gets fat on the success and leaves the manageing to someone else that doesn't have a stake in it and won't put in the time to fix the problems.... Hoyte water heater co. in Reno went that route
it was a good business for a long time but it just got to the point who cared ?
....I went on a vacation took a week off and went to Florida came back and they were out of business... I thought I was going to have to fight them to get my tools back because they had locked everything I said i want my tools and I want them now either you open the gate or I will tear it down.....
they opened the gate ...I got my tools and left there was no warning no nothing the owner just didn't care about his employees ! the manager said I'm sorry Bob but what can I do ? I was managing the forklift repair shop at the time and had been for over a year we were doing good , too... but
over night they just closed the doors.... over 120 employees were out of a job
and there was no warning.... it sucked.
My first encounter with fuel injection was on my Moms Volkswagen hatch back..... that was a nightmare to work on and of course I was supposed to fix it ! .... I thought "it's a VW how hard can it be? " but it was a new breed of VW and I had no idea how to work on it.... I finally got mom to sell it and get a Datsun pickup with a honest to god carburetor ! she drove that little truck into the ground and I kept putting it back together finally she got another car and gave the truck to me which I promptly sold as it was totally wore out ! there was no ball joints left the carb screws were all stripped out and the rods were knocking .... it was totally used up !
the first F.I. car I ever had was that toyota pickup with the R22 engine in it... my brother in law gave it to me .... I gave him my 700cc honda shadow and he was so grateful that he gave me his pickup.... I needed a pickup real bad so I took it ! that truck was like brand new well taken care of but he got another vehicle and didn't need it any more . I never expected that...
it caught me by surprise to say the least.
so when I tried to add hydroxy gas to the pickup I started fighting the trucks computer ! ... and it fought me every inch of the way....
but I finally figured out what was going on and came up with a solution
I tricked the computer ! I covered the exhaust sensor and changed the
MAF sensor ( adjusted it much leaner) and added hydroxy gas and then by passed the MAF with a garden hose to lean it out.... with a "Mat Valve"
as we called it on the Hydroxy hut site.... I got a consistent 45 MPG with that truck for at least 3 years and up to 48 MPG on the best run.... this is going from Redding ca. to shingletown ca. up the mountain and back.
the knowledge I needed to do that right I did not have.... I know now HOW i should have done it..... and it would have been so much simpler !
but hind sight is 20/20 ! LOL
All I needed to do was re map the ECU in the truck or get a piggy back unit
but that is how it goes some times I'm constantly a day late and a dollar short on most things ! HAHAHAHAHAH

later all !
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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