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Change oil before or after track day?

I change my oil every 3000 miles and I use motul 300v factory line. I've currently have 300 miles till my next oil change and my track day is this Saturday. So should I change my oil before and have fresh stuff for the constant high rmp stress that ill be applying for the 2 days at the track, then leave that oil in the the remaining 2700 miles give or take till my next oil change? Or do I wait till after the track day and change my oil?

I kinda think it'd be nice to have fresh stuff in there for the weekend but then if I do that ill be running a more labored oil for the next few months. On the other hand I haven't ridden my bike that hard this last oil cycle so the oil should be I rather good shape.

I'm not that worried about wearing out this high quality synthetic and I know I'm splitting hairs here but if give the option what would you choose and why?
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Just to be safe, I would just go ahead and change it out. Our case holds less than 2 quarts of oil so it gets heated and cooled pretty fast degrading the oil quality over time. Also, the constant meshing of the gears shears the oil pretty fast too.

I can only account for Rotella T-6 and it doesn't hold well for 3k miles of spirited rides and 2 track days.

Send your oil in to get it tested and see how much "life" it has left. That's the only way of knowing how well your oil is holding up.

Blackstone labs is who I use to test my oil... I still have to send in my previous 3 oil samples prior to my motor going kAApoot.
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I would change just the oil now, and do oil filter say at 1500 miles later.
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Yeah, just change it now...That's what I did for my first track day...
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I treat oil and other consumables like tires. Gots to pay to play man. You know track miles aren't the same as street miles yo. Do whatcha gotta do. I don't have mine tested by a lab, for $16 dollahs, I just change it and go on with life.
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If it was me I'd do it before and after.
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I feel like you are baiting us for conversation. That's the kinda question a newbie like me would be asking.

As cheap as it is to change the oil, I'd just do it before and after as well.
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The 300V wears pretty well; I've run it in every race/track bike I've owned for the last 5-6 years. I change my oil after every 2nd race weekend and/or trackday, and the filter every 2nd oil change.

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If you're that close- I'd change it now. It's not like it will hurt anything more than your wallet.

On my 600's I changed the oil after every trackday, regardless of the number of street miles between the previous change, but in this case I'd change it now.

Just my $.02
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Because I change every 1000 miles because I do very short journeys and my oil gets a lot of condensation / acidity, even after 1000 miles the oil is still very good, good enough for a track day, but after I have bombed it down the track it's going to have gotten a lot of abuse, so i'd change it after and it'll be good for the next track day.

But as said, oil is cheap.
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I change my oil as soon as I get home from the track. First thing I do is put the bike up drain the oil and inspect the sump. Pull the plugs for a compression test . And drain the fuel from the tank and carbs.
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