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Plzstopaknocking newbie
Name: Justin
Location: Memphis TN
Join Date: May 2017

Motorcycle(s): Kawasaki Ninja 250

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Question 2006 ninja 250 knockin blues

Hello my name is Justin. I'm in Memphis Tennessee I just recently purchased a bike last weekend a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250. When I bought the bike I guess I got head it warmed up and everything because it never made any of these sounds and act like it is now. When you first start up before it's warmed up there is a knocking sound and I can feel it coming through the frame. The knock matches the blow out of the exhaust. If you pull in the clutch it almost goes away but once you let go cuz right back after about five or six minutes of running the idle goes up a lot higher and the knock almost goes away definitely most of the actual feeling but you can still hear a little bit but it sounds a whole lot better... I don't know anything about bikes after changing the oil and putting gas in it and air in the tires my expertise is over... the guy I bought it from said it had a recent oil change and that nothing was wrong with it that the bike was perfect when it started making the knocking sound I called him he told me 250's are just cold natured... and I just have to let it warm up that the knock isnt anything wrong with it... do not touch the carburetors do not do anything to it. First like I ever had was a Kawasaki Ninja 250 back in 98 or 99 and I believe it was in 96 and 97 model somewhere around there it never had a knock or needed to be warmed up but I'm not sure if those model differences mean anything ... but once I let it warm up the idol seem to be too high and when you would read it a little bit it would stick in the higher RPM and slowly coming down and you had to leave it alone before it would come to a resting Idol.... so now that I've rambled on with all the information I know what do y'all think? Do you think it's close to throwing a rod or these bikes really like this cold natured and this is no big deal what are the main things that you look for do an oil change and make sure it's level? Could this be caused by spark plugs or miss fire? I've read online adding heavier weight motor oil and heavy duty Lucas stabilizer can fix or quiet down the knock ... but warned to keep it under 3000 RPM has anybody done this technique and is it safe..... I appreciate any and all info thank you
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Rev Limiter
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Name: Jay
Location: WI
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Our 2006 with 3,000 mi did about the same when cold. Our beat 1990 with 20,000 mi is actually quieter on start-up. Both are fine when off choke and warm.

It's an odd sound, but I don't think there is anything wrong.
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Plzstopaknocking newbie
Name: Justin
Location: Memphis TN
Join Date: May 2017

Motorcycle(s): Kawasaki Ninja 250

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I bought the bike for a buddy of mine who has been dragging his feet on getting a bike... and when I brought him over to check it out it's been sitting there cold I had no clue it was going to do what it's doing so the first time I showed it to him it's making this knocking sound and it was cold that day so when I gave it some throttle it was actually falling on his face.... needless to say he did not buy the bike.. I got a pretty good deal on it I'm hoping I don't have to do any mechanical work to it maybe a tune-up and some maintenance if I get into actual mechanical work I'm going to eat up any profit that might have been ... I hope I can get it to stop rather than having to give a story and explain I'm 6-2 over 300 pounds it's not the right bike for me he's 5-10 180 we both are relearning how to ride.... I'm wondering now if I'm going to be stuck with it I wish we could post a video on here so I can get your feedback
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Name: Tanner
Location: mitchell
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Motorcycle(s): 2007 ninja 250,(13 cbr1000rr 4 sale),(06 gsxr750 UP FOR SALE),(02 cbr 600f4i SOLD), 14 ninja 300, 09 1125CR

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Originally Posted by plzstopaknocking View Post
i wish we could post a video on here so i can get your feedback
you can if you up load it to youtube then post the youtube link.
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Plzstopaknocking newbie
Name: Justin
Location: Memphis TN
Join Date: May 2017

Motorcycle(s): Kawasaki Ninja 250

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Good idea
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Snake certified postwhore
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Name: Rick
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Hello and welcome! ,
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sammich maker
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Name: snot
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Name: Chris (aka Reactor)
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Welcome and good luck!
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