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Name: Octavio
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Motorcycle(s): ninja 250 2010

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Question Is the Kawasaki Ninja 250 too small for me? Can it be fixed?

Good morning and happy holidays

Yesterday I went to a town in the countryside to try a 2010 Ninja 250, I liked the bike but I felt that it was a bit too small for me, I am 6'2" and my legs were sticking out of the fuel tank, leaving them in a V-shaped position that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

At the time I thought, it must be something of the track bikes, I will have to get used to it, but reading online I read that people with long legs have this problem, many of them solved it by using an accessory to lower the footpegs that is not available here. Can I do something similar at home? Or should I cancel the purchase?

Do you guys have any hardware to recommend to me?

Thanks in advance

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Lathroum newbie
Name: Philip
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Motorcycle(s): 2004 Ninja 250r

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I'm 6'3" tall and I don't have this issue. Scoot your butt back a little in the saddle.
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Bob KellyIII
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Motorcycle(s): 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, 2021 CSC TT250, 1977 Triumph Bonneville 750cc,2001 Honda XR650L.

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some people have real problems I guess.... I have a 30" inseam and had to lower my 2012 250R !....
I would recomend the 250 ninja to long as you ride it at least once a week..... my bike does not like to sit for any length of time... the carbs clog up....
but this 250cc bike is an amazing powerhouse ! she will cruise all day at 85mph if I want her to ... I changed the front sprocket to a 16 tooth and the rear to a 43 if I remember correctly
these 250's are amazing.... for a first time rider I can think of nothing better
because they are very manageable, small and relitively light and they remind me of the 650cc bikes of the 1970's she can haul the mail if you want it to !
but I have found sense I don't ride my bike but once or twice a year I have constant carburetor problems.....
if your not mechanically inclined the Ninja probably isn't the best choice though... their extremely hard to work on ....meaning you have a bunch of fairings and stuff to remove just to get down to the engine ! then the components are so crammed in to a small place that it takes a great deal of patience to work on it !
takes me 45min to an hour to free the carbs from mine where on the XR650L it takes a few minutes.... but the XR650L does not look as cool as the Ninja either..... so it's each to their's the perfect bike for some, and a pain in the Ars to others.... right now mine is the latter !
.......(i'm 5'9" by the way LOL )
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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