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HELP 2005 ex250 bogging intermittently

Hey guys.
I bought an 05 ninja 250 last fall and have spent the past year fixing her up and getting her road worthy. I’ve been through most everything on the bike: brakes, battery, spark plugs, air filter, de rusting the gas tank, new fuel lines, new fuel petcock, cleaned the carb, got a rebuild kit and even drilled out the fuel mixture screw. After everything, she was finally running amazing, and I mean amazing. Fast forward to now, around 4 weeks after finally getting her running well, I’ve run into a problem that I have no idea how to attack.

The problem first occurred right after I took her up to around 70-80 on the highway, I felt a lil bog in the throttle and sure enough it bogged more and more until I couldn’t even ride it so I pulled over and it died. I checked the gas tank to see if it would ‘woosh’ (indication of vacuum issues), but it didn’t. I waited a couple minutes and turned her back on and she ran perfectly fine again. The next day when I started her up, everything was dandy and she ran great until I went up a super steep hill and had to give it a hefty amount of throttle at low rpms, and she bogged again. Same thing happened, she wouldn’t clear her throat and the bike died, only to start right back up again perfectly fine 5 minutes later. The problems have continued to happen like that since then, especially when I go highway speeds, and I have no idea what could be causing this. Like I said, I just cleaned and rebuilt the carbs about 4 weeks ago so they shouldn’t be dirty whatsoever.

Any insight into why my bike is doing this would be appreciated.

***edit*** the bog typically only happens below 7k rpm, and most times if I can get it above 7 it will rev up normally, only to bog again once the rpm drop back down. A couple of times, however, it bogs even at high rpm.
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Rev Limiter
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Sounds like a restriction in the fuel system to me.

Petcock screens in the tank, petcock, filter at the inlet of the carbs, are a few places where there could be debris restricting flow.

When it stops, you could open a floatbowl drain to see if only minimal fuel comes out. That would confirm a restiction.

The filter at the carb is inside the inlet, and is easy missed if you don't know it's there.

Inline filter -
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Motorcycle(s): 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250r

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@jkv45 thanks for the insight. When you say inside the inlet, you mean inside of the carb itself right? honestly did not know there was such a thing. I have an inline filter on the bike currently I thought it was just that and the filter at the petcock.
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No, filter is inside fuel-hose between petcock and carbs. A lot of times, it gets inserted backwards, and fuel-flow wads it up into ball that restricts flow
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