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Time for dirt gear!

Bought a 2002 CR250 Honda dirtbike. It's a pretty sweet machine. Ordered a bunch of jets and various carb parts and gaskets. I've ridden it three times and am still figuring out my jetting and fuel mixture ratios etc. However! That is not the point of this thread.

I cannot ride the bike aggressively until I have a proper set of gear.

Main things for me right now are boots and a quality helmet. I've been playing with the idea of trying to upgrade my street gear and move in a dual-sport direction but now that I've thought about it ---- it's probably better to have two dedicated sets of gear. Dirt, and street.

So here I am --- looking to put together a set of dirtbike gear. The budget is loose, but I don't want to go overboard and blow 600 bucks on boots and god-knows-what on a fancy new helmet. Looking for simple stuff, nothing too expensive.

Boots and helmet. Time to start shopping. The bloody gouges on my right leg are the primary issue that I'm trying to clear up. Once the bike is tuned properly, starting will be easier -- but I've got arthritis in the ankle and possibly a torn ligament which I haven't yet addressed. The PCL knee reconstruction doesn't help, but pretty sure I can get by without needing a knee brace to ride. Boots!
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Congratulations on the new bike. I used love ridding the trails on my dirt bike.
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Look for a lightly pair of used boots cheap. You can score a nice $5 $600 pair of boots sometimes for $200 or in my case get 2 pairs of $200 boots for $20

Boots and helmet are main items on a dirt bike, some people swear by knee braces/guards. I have bad knees and have never wore any knee support and have never had a problem but i don't do a lot of big jumps either.

I have upper body armor but i don't wear it all the time. Mainly for races or if i know i am practicing sketchy stuff, i should be in the habit of wearing it always though.

Neck brace is always a good idea especially if you plan on doing a good bit of high speed stuff
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